Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's the little "weird" things that make me smile......

I just had to post about this.... I had such a giggle to myself when I "discovered" these and I soooooo wanted to email tonnes of peeps and say LOOK WHAT I GOT... but of course that really only works well in my head... LOL

Firstly - according to "my world" - the real world is made up of "camps" - for and against - you are either with me or against me so to speak... I used to have a whole list of things on this subject - but due to my move I've lost the list... (refer wobbly post!) Seriously - I cant remember the whole list I made up - but here's a few

- You get MacDonalds - you either eat the chips first or the burger - simple as that you never eat them together - one or the other... - I'm in the burger first camp.
- Elvis or Cliff - It's true - you either like one or the other - never both - please someone tell me you like both... :) Due to my mother dear being Cliffs number 1 fan and groupie - I fall in the Cliff camp.

Like I say I did have a longer list - but I'm getting old now - so forgot...

BUT last one (I can remember... lol) is BAKED BEANS
- you either LOVE 'EM or HATE 'EM...
I'm in the LOVE 'EM camp - yummmmmmie.... Beans on Toast with a fried egg on top... (where's my brother when you need him??? ) LOL

ANYWAY's to get to the point of this whole blog...

South Africa can be so "developed" (read first world) in some respects - yet so "undeveloped" (read third world) in others... 'Strue - there are many areas that South Africa outstrips Oman on development (Driving, having to pay for plastic bags, the packers at the shops - for a quick off the top of my head list) but one way RSA lags behind is food stuff - In a earlier post I mentioned a shop in RSA where you can buy tonnes of your Fav UK foods - and boy do the British people buy from there... The UK has quite a few yummie things for a nation that "supposidly" cant cook... LOL

One thing I always thought that RSA should import was the frozen Yorkshire Puddings.. cause DAMN - I can only make Yorkshire thin waffers - yes yes apparently its the heat of the oil that makes it.... NOPE! cant do it... Although my Boet brags that he can - but he never invites me around when he makes them - strange now that I think about it... LOL (BTW - they have 'em here - I have a few stashed in my deep freeze for the next roast... :))

Anyway - For the person WHO CANT COOK and likes to make meals as hassle free as possible (and also bearing in mind the clean up that goes along with the making of the food..... LOL) I have DISCOVERED this weeks BEST INVENTION.... (I feel like Dr Livingston! ROFL)

Thats right people - Microwaveable, individual portions of BAKED BEANS...

They look like this....

Below you can read all about it... LOVE IT
Just enough in one "bucket" for beans on toast for one person - peel back the plastic cover and pop in the microwave for 1 min... :)

What more can a person ask for hey??? :) (of course if they could pre-pack nice fresh fried eggs... I'd be in heaven... LOL)

Anyways till next time.... MBABT.... ROFL...


  1. Saff, where did you get these? I want some pronto ;)

    FYI I eat my 'fries' (chips) first, always!

  2. AH! so you're in the fries first camp are you?? LOL

    Got 'em at Sultan Centre... :) There was quite a few left when I got them a couple of days ago... but you know how it goes here... RUN!!!!

  3. Fries first camp please. Bring on the beans on toast.

  4. I don't think any would be left by now in Sultan Centre..:)

  5. Haha Gatvol you're one random person.. Your blog is just so FUNNY! I enjoy reading it :)

    And yeah, fries first, HATE the beans ;)