Friday, January 08, 2010

You can spot us a MILE away... :)

I'm telling you - you can spot a South African a MILE away in this place... :)

Four recent things have bought me to this post

Firstly Delirious in the Desert - wrote a blog about the Degrees of Seperation - you can read it -->here<-- and this got me thinking about how close we all are, which lead my warped mind to how many South Africans I randomly bump into in this place, and of course it wasn't long before someone I met here knew someone who knew someone I knew.... (yeah confusing I know - but thats facebook for you.... LOL)

And then I got to thinking about maybe using Africaans as a means of "Skinnering" (for those who are too lazy to read my earlier posts thats "Gossiping") just MIIIGHT not be the thing to do in this place - even tho' you assume there isn't another Saffer for miles around...

Let me give you an example... (this being recent event 2)

My family and "R"'s family decided to spend the day at the beach recently - there we "spied" this old Tannie (polite way of saying old lady) who's hair was not "up to our standards" LOL - it was really long and really grey - and we were generally discussing how when we got to that age should we dye it, cut it - as you ALL know - people over "a certain" age should have short hair (or so the myth goes) (my world remember.... :)) Bearing in mind that me and R hadn't had a hair cut for months - so we were not looking up to scratch either - never mind the grey... LOL
So anyway there we were "skinnering" away in Africaans about this tannie - without a care in the world - even though she most probably heard us (here's holding thumbs she didn't!).... Later on in the day - oh a couple of hours later - along comes - we assume her husband and her son.... LO and BEHOLD - the son had a togbag with a South African FLAG on it..... YES Murphy's Law - skinner about someone in a foreign language and YES they will know that very same language... OOPS!! Needless to say - we were MORTIFIED... and proceeded to take the long way around to the sea for the rest of the day... :)

And then there is the way - and I'm sorry to say this - REALLY I AM - but I just have it... its the way the SOUTH AFRICAN MALE dresses... Sorry - this had to be said...

Recent event 3

I went to a Mall a little while ago - standing next to a pillar having a fag (as you do... LOL - I LOVE IT - you can smoke in the malls here... I dont any more tho' But I did then cause it was a novelty... :)) anyway - moving along - a guy walked passed wearing plakkies (flipflops) Rugby shorts and a vest with holes in it (any South African that reads this will know WHAT I'm talking about!) and a bum bag / moon bag (whateva you call it). Hubby and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing... Of course I said "I wonder how we could prove he was a Saffer?" The words were bearly out of my mouth when I looked back and saw the moonbag had an advert on it.... Thats right people it was a Cell C moon bag... ENUFF SAID - thats all the proof I NEEDED!

(Erm - prehaps I should clarify for any non saffer reading - seeing as I know of at least 2 "foreigners" who read this (thanks Delirious and CCS!).... Cell C is the 3rd Cellular Network in RSA who were too lazy to think up a real name - so they called themselves C ... LOL)

and finally recent event 4
This happened today actually, we went to the beach for the day - as you do when
a) its the last day of school holidays
b) you have overseas guests
c) its a "Sunday
d) its the middle of WINTER... OH how I love that...

Anyway there was another couple there and me and SK2 discussed them and were undecided if they were Saffers or not - again PURELY on the style of clothing the male wore. About half hour later when hubby came back from his swim - he proceeded to have the same conversation with us... I was like "wow - I'm not the only one who thinks people are South African based solely on the clothes"

Anyway we were left undecided - hubby and I were yes they are and SK2 was nope they are not - so no out right win on this one - no solid proof...

One other thing I have noticed here as well is that Saffers all seem to have a South African flag on their cars as a bumper sticker... I haven't noticed that many other countries - but a damn lot of SA Ones - strange dont you think?
Dont they realise that just means that other people will know that its a South African who's stolen their parking spots?? or parked badly?? or cant drive??

I have not succumbed to this - purely because you cant buy them here ;)

Anyways till next time - feel free to post me a Flag Bumper Sticker... :)


  1. Make that 3 foreigners who have read your post!! ... I'm just hoping I've never sat beside you on the beach, just in case ;0) I vow to cut my hair and buy new t-shirts...

  2. Woohoo... another foreigner reading my blogs.. :)
    *on my knees bowing down* I am not worthy...

    Thanks for popping by...

    Oh and unless you can understand africaans you're safe... I only seem to gossip about Saffers... :)

    but yes just in case - get a hair cut...