Monday, May 31, 2010

SO! Who's it gonna be??

Well now - lets see as of today there are 12 days to go - until it's FIFA World Cup RSA.... :)

Now normally I'd be HEAD OVER HEELS with the thought of something SO MASSIVE hitting Cape Town - I mean I went to the Rugby World Cup in '95 - WOW - that was amazing - and of course did my part dressing up and face painting - of course all for England - just to cause a few family fights.... And then when I was pregant with fatty - I went to all the matches played at Newlands for the Cricket ODI's World Cup - AGAIN - all decked out and screaming my lungs out for England - one cannot begin to describe the atmosphere that surrounds these type of World Cup Events... However - it's nothing like how other country's support and cheer on their team... especially not in such a big sport as...

FOOTBALL - now that is in a whole league on it's own - I happened to be visiting family in England during the last FIFA world cup (Germany if I am not mistaken) and WOW - I could NOT BELIEVE the amount of support with flags and things flying off buildings and cars and whatnot... WOW!!! I also happened to be in Portsmouth (my home town) for CCS's wedding - the week leading up to them winning the FA Cup Final - yes yes - so it was 2 years ago - and maybe a once off - but my point is the atmosphere that surrounds these types of events is amazing - I have not seen RSA decked out like that at all - and I assume that is isn't decked out like that now either...

I am of course miles away so really cannot comment - but I can safely assume that there is not much hype happening right now in RSA and with all the hoo haa thats been happening in my life at the moment - I haven't really given it much thought....

I also cannot honestly say with 100% conviction that I would even bother to go to any of the matches if I was in RSA - the whole building of the stadiums and supporting services such as trains, hotels, etc etc was under such contravorsy when I was there - I WOULD hate to think of how that has grown out of proportion since then - and of course all newspaper reports that I have read now-a-days state that not all the tickets have been sold any way - so who knows if the whole event is going to be a failure or a success....

I certainly hope RSA can hold it's head up high and not let us down... :)

SO NOW my train of thought turns to my 2 main worries with the whole World Cup that is about to happen...

WHO do I SUPPORT and WHEN are they gonna BAN the VUVUZELA!!!! :)

Below is a wee video that shows you what it is - as well as what it sounds like - I have of course not picked an irritating noise level videao - for obvious reason - but am sure if you are THAT interested you can youtube them!!! It HAS TO BE the MOST IRRITATING MUSICAL INSTRUMENT I have ever heard - if any of you watched the recent Super 14 Rugby Final between Blue Bulls and Stormers - you will "know what I'm talking 'bout"!!!! DAMN those things are irritating... :) and I'm no where near the stadium - what is the noise level like in the stadiums... :O!!! they should limit the numbers or ban them outright!!! haha


With regards to who am I gonna support - I'm sitting on the fence here... out of loyality it's got to be either the Bafana Bafana or England - but lets face it not one of those two have a chance to hit the final's do they???

OH decisions decisions...

So - who are you gonna shout for??? Are you even gonna follow the World Cup??

Anyways till next time !

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where has all my inspiration gone?

* with apologises to the original author... :)

Where has all my inspiration gone?
Long time passing
Where has all my inspiration gone?
(I posted)long time ago
Where has all my inspiration gone?
I have lost them every one
When will I get it back?
When will I get it back?

WOW 2 months almost huh?? that is just DISGUSTING... and not that I have many dedicated readers - but to those few who actually read and enjoy my blog - I am on my knees apologising... :)

Lets see brief run down on whats happened to the make me EVEN more GATVOL in the past 2 months... :)
* I had two sets of overseas visitors
* I had (and am still having?) a mental breakdown and seem to have lost all my sense of humour with the world
* I went camping
* I eventually learnt how to keep the house cooler in summer (only took me 10 months!)
* I had to start homeschooling fatty
* there was a death in Hubby's family - may they rest in piece - I think of you often
* A school friend passed away - and I miss his humour... :(
* Hubby landed up in Critical Care at Muscat Private - TOTALLY impressed with the medical care he received - and TOTALLY surprised at the amount of Saffers working there!!! haha - lets not mention the bill... :(
* A close friend returned to her home country - and left a huge gapping hole in my life... :(
* As mentioned - I had visitors - so I can now say I have seen a WHOLE lot more of Muscat... WOW - the more I see I more I LIKE! :)

OH - there is much more to list - but I didn't want to depress you too much ... :)

Now - if I could just find something interesting to write about... :)

Anyways - here's hoping I get something interesting to write about...