Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Series'ly' Addicated...

*stands up*
Hi - my name is Gatvol - and I'm an addict! :)

Seeing as I haven't had an original thought of my own for a while - you see my boss has sucked the life out of my brains and refuses to allow me to think in any way or form - but I digress - I thought I would bore you to death with my addiction that I have managed to pick up since I've been here in Oman...

*drum roll please*

TV Series...

Yip - I admit I am 115% addicted to TV series - and I watch them in order - wiki episodes and seasons to make sure I have them all - and I EVEN have a booklet with the name, number of seasons and episodes listed - clearly marked if I have seen them or if I still need to see them - and if I still need to get the episode to watch it - its the OCD in me kicking in...

In order to maintain my stress levels - which have been going through the roof here - I have funneled all my coping mechanisms (ie OCD) into my compulsion of TV series - I'm becoming an expert (in my own little world!)

So - in no particular order - this is what I am / have been addicted too:-

* Two and Half Men - Thank goodness this is now cancelled
* How I met your mother - it's Legend... wait for it.... DARY
* Psych - Gus reminds me of me!
* Chuck - Cant wait for next season! Morgan's the man!
* Lie to me - bleh
* Supernatural - TEAM DEAN!!! :) Season 6 is starting to loose the plot tho'
* Weeds - I still need to watch the last season - can a woman be that pathetic?
* Brothers and Sisters - am starting to get bored of it will see if I will watch next seasons
* Ghost Whisperer - first few season were good - but didn't enjoy the last one
* Grey's Anatomy - I love this show - it makes me cry all the time! and I loved this seasons cliff hangers
* Glee - Another show I just love :) Esp. their Thriller episode
* Bones - easy watching although I wish I was that intelligent! Am disappointed in the way this season ended... they totally glossed over Bones and Booths relationship! OH and I cant wait for the spin off The Finders - looks good!
* Army Wives - I can relate to this one!
* Boston Legal - :) Denny, Denny Crane - I intend to watch this one all over again!
* Mentalist - bleh - so glad Red John is dead - can life continue now?
* Tudors - All I can say is JRM... drool drool - oh and the History Lesson was good too!
* 90210 - I love these teenager feel good series... (pathetic I know)
* House - Mr Sarcasm himself... I bow down to the master
* CSI - got to catch up from when Grissom left 3 seasons worth
* CSI - Miami - H just RUINS this show for me - I am leaving the last 3 seasons as a 'I have nothing to watch summer holidays show'
* CSI - New York - Love the music on this show!
* SCRUBS - My all time fav - and if you don't like it - I have 2 thumbs!
* ER - I'm sure I've missed some - it's such a long playing show - so I am going to watch them all over again!

I started off typing up a little 'blurb' about each one - but this post became really long and really boring - so I removed that! So count yourself lucky that I haven't bored you half to death!

And this is what I have waiting on the side line waiting to be watched:-
* Samantha Who
* Private Practice
* 7th Heaven
* 24
* 30 Rock
* Arrested Development
* Burn Notice
* Californication
* Fringe
* Sons of Anarchy

Do you have Series your addicted too? Recommend anything interesting to watch? I've got 3 months of School Holidays coming up and I need to keep sane... PLEASE let me know if there is anything else half decent to watch out there! :)

Anyways till next time!
Let me know if you have any funny addictions!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Yeah, I'll get right on that....

Indeed - I hide in shame... this is disgusting... Have I really been this lazy??
Oh I have loads of excuses as to why I haven't blogged for a while - but lets not go into them now :) Dont want to bore you straight of the bat... :)

I'm ashamed to admit I had to post myself a comment this evening just so I could figure out where the sign in page was... that's pathetic... I know.... I had also been considering just abandoning this blog and starting afresh... but I couldn't do that.... I like my little kitty picture ;)

What I will say is I have my own laptop again now - so in theory I should get more internet time to be able to start blogging again......

................ soon, promise :)

Now all I need to do is find something interesting to blog about...

anyways, till next time...
Let me know if you have any interesting topics... :)