Monday, January 25, 2010

Illogical Randoms

I have so many small illogical random thoughts I wanted to share with you - so I thought I would just pop them all into one long blog - saves you reading many small ones hey?? Ain't I nice?? :)

* I have a new cat! SO excited to be able to adopt a cat in plight - I didn't even ask hubby - I just put my hand up as soon as it was mentioned that there might be a possiblity of a slight chance of a kitty looking for a home - his name is Gizma (taken from Cuzco for those without kids who are addicted to Disney Channel!) although he was initally Gizmo - he's a 4 month old little cutiepie and just wants love and cuddles - it's taking a while to integrate him in to the Gatvol Mad House what with our other cat, a Jack Russel, a Terrapin, and a 6 year old! But am sure he will settle down soon.

* I saw a resturant the other day called Green Deera... now imagine driving down the road, where you have to a) drive on the "wrong" side of the road b) watch out for crazy drivers and c) try to figure out where the hell you are going - you can see why I read that wrong.... yes I read it Green Diareria... seriously I went around the block just so I could double check that...

* I need to get over my coffee addiction.... :( the other day friends where trying to explain to me how to get some where and instead of the usual take this road, that round about, etc etc - they started telling me "you know that coffee shop, turn there" - Sad BUT TRUE... rofl... :)

* I have finally met someone who can say "Huston, we have a problem" and mean it... it's one of the many quotes that I like and say often - even young fatty says it now and then - and I am soooo excited to have met someone who can say it and mean it! (my world remember!) Her husband's work (no idea what who or where) has a head office in Huston. Just before Christmas they were advised that his services were no longer required here - so he was to go back "home" but they were waiting on Huston for the date - what with the school fees years etc. It took Huston about a month to get back to them and they were stressed to the max... I had great pleasure in saying "huston, we have a problem" every time I saw her... :) Oh the little things that make me smile... :)

* My Aunt and Uncle from the UK are visiting my family in RSA at the moment - and I SO want to be there... My Aunt is madly in love with elephants (even though she has never seen one - weeeelllll unless you want to call my Uncle an Elephant) and I would love to take her to the Kruger National Park - it's the most amazing place in South Africa and a MUST for any visitor to the country. (google is your friend - look it up!) lol... there is so much info out that - that I cant even begin to tell you about it - hummm maybe an idea for another blog - let me know... :)

Here's a few pic's I took on my last trip there :-

A herd of Ellies crossing the road

A charging Bull Ellie

Every overseas tourist FATAL mistake... getting out of the car to get a better pic of ........

..... a Leopard under the bridge

So - word from the wise - if you are gonna go visiting a game reserve or park - stay in the car... Us Saffers point and laugh at you and we actually stay to see if you are gonna get eaten... (sometimes we even take bets! :) ) Unfortunately / Fortunately the tourists in the above picture understood me when I explained to them that Leopards eat meat, and they are made of meat... so they climbed back in the car...

* I went for a job interview today - weirdest one EVA! Firstly - they do job interviews in coffee shops here (who am I to complain!) we certainly don't do that back in RSA - so it was weird for me... but enjoyable... Secondly... imagine someone who talks more then me (oh the shock yes I know!) so in fact I think I spoke about 3 sentances the whole time - one to say hello, one to say goodbye and the last to order the coffee... oh wait I said thanks to the waitron... so thats 4!! At the end of the interview he said he would call me later regarding the hours and the salary, but can we have a meeting tomorrow to go get the accounts from the book-keeper I will be taking over from... (and the advert said I would be accountant overseeing this poor book-keeper who it seems has now been fired?? erm... ) so I dont know hey... will wait to see what happens I guess...

* and finally, as am sure a lot of you are, I've been thinking a lot about Haiti lately - the TV is on CNN or BBC world all day every day since the earthquake has happened over a week ago - I tend to go from teary to smiling in the course of a news clip... I know I know we have more problems, proverty, homelessness, hunger, abandoned children etc in RSA - but somehow something that is this devastating from NATURE, God, Allah or whomever you may believe in - seems to hit me harder than the problems the RSA Government has managed to create.... my thoughts are with everyone involved in either the earthquake or the rescure / aid operations. I wish I could do more to help.

Anyways till the next Random thought pops into my head... :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Badass and I want one..... but will I get arrested?

My husband knows me too well... It saddens me - nothing I do surprises him any more, and he pre-empts me all the time... :( BUT THEN AGAIN - it means he knows things I would LOVE and boy oh boy did he get it right this time... :)

All of the cars I've owned over the years has been because of him saying to me trust me - you will love this one and he's been right every time.....

The other day when we were out on our adventure of trying to find this famous pork shop here in Muscat - (Man was that worth it!) and as we were near the car showrooms he says oh I have to show you this car and he promptly pulls into the Ford Showroom - I refused to get outta the car - he KNOWS I hate Fords - cant stand 'em sorry. And on top of that I was sitting in a Ford - the company car we have is a Ford Double Cab something or other (dont know dont care) the car SUCKS and I want to kick it in the teeth every day.... (but hey it gets me from A to B and back again and it's free - so shouldn't complain too much!) (thank goodness the car cant read.... erm it cant can it??) :)

So anyway there I was refusing to climb out telling my husband he's got it wrong this time I aint interested in Ford... no way no how... until of course he pointed out that there was a toilet inside I could use... so I had to go... :)

He showed me the Ford F150 - it's Badass and I WANT ONE...

Man that is one badass car - it's huge.... Hubby - who is fairly large - can fit VERY comfortably in the back seat - it's great. I could just picture myself driving this around Muscat. (might have to get other people to park it for me tho'!)


One small problem tho' did you know Expats (as we are called here) are apparently NOT allowed to own Bakkies here in Oman! In my world - that's weird... and it saddens me....

I can just picture my Badass self in this Badass car...


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do you think people would be offended...??

Firstly by time I finish this - there might be a few swear words...

Okay - so what do you do if you have overseas visitors.... you take them to all the usual tourist attractions - as you do in any country when you get guests from overseas - apparently it the polite thing to do - take them around, show them the sites (read coffee shops), road trips blah blah..

So yes - I had a overseas visitor - my "middle" step-kid.. (side bar - hubby was married before and has 3 kids from that) Now he has been here before - 2008 - June / July - he did a months intership (I think you call them) at an engineering company - so in "theory" he's seen it all right? right? wrong... LOL Poor little sausage was here for a whole month on his own and by the end of the month didn't realise there was actually bars here.... (Guess that what happens when you put your step-kids life in the hands of a really great Omani family to look after for a month... :))

Anyway - so this old step-mommy had great fun taking him out on NYE to show him that - yes you can get rip roaring randomly PDA'ing (shall I call it) "happy" (or just be blunt and say) "blotto" here.... :) We went to the Muscat Rugby Club and had a whale of a time (okay so I am speaking for myself here - but seeing as in all of the 15 years I have known this kid we havent hugged each other *refer earlier PDA post* and here he was on NYE hanging on me - I safely assume he also had a good one!)

So yes for the past couple of weeks - I've been showing him around - and yes I did get him addicted to Iced Coffees (score!!) I've had fun proving to someone that I am getting to know this place and that it is a great place to live... he admits it now - although when he came back from his internship he was kinda anti - BUT bear in mind he was here in June / July - SUMMER peeps... 45 deg C + and of course he has come to realise that there is booze and pork... I loved his face when I whipped out ye ol' bacon.... (big up al Fair!)

Geez - I was meant to keep this post short n sweet - but again end up ramabling on and on and on about nothing... :)

Anyway - so this being his last night we took him to the main tourist attraction - he had been there before (see main tourist attraction EVERYONE has been there at least once) the Muttrah Souq.

Now there are 2 things about this place that has me in giggles everytime I go...
But wait - first - let me explain what it is... *slaps forehead* DOH! Muttrah Souq is a market - similar to the flea markets (as we call 'em) back in RSA - HOWEVER - it is in an area of buildings that are built so close together its teeny tiny weeny alley ways and a real mish mash of things and people and smells - its kinda hard to explain I guess - you can get everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING - I have photographic proof of a Bulls Baseball cap - YES - a RSA Rugby Teams' baseball cap can be purchased at this Souq. There is sections, general, cloths, gold, silver blah blah - one can get lost in there - I am sooooo glad I have the most amazing sense of direction ;)

Anyway back to the 2 things...

- what do you do when you go to a flea market - you are looking for stuff right - bargins or something specific - but still looking (okay unless you are forced to go with an overseas vistor - you are generally going to look for something right?)
Well - now Souq = arabic for market and soek = africaans for find - both pronounced EXACTLY the same - SOOOOO anyone who says they dont know a word of africaans can now say they know one... and any one who says they dont know a word of arabic can now say they know one... cool huh... but for me I giggle all the time cause I genereally say lets go to the souq to soek for ..... (fill in random thing you want)

Weird?? yes?? - my world remember... :)

- and now onto my main rant...
EACH AND EVERY BLOODY TIME you go there - the "stall" owners / workers / employees / slaves whatever - will be out in the alley with their wares trying to force you to buy it... I DO NOT WANT A CASHMERE SCARF (btw I wouldn't know cashmere from nylon - so it could be fake) stop throwing it over my shoulder or forcing me to touch it... my 6 year old DOES NOT WANT a dishdash nor the hat that goes with it - stop putting in on his head. I DO NOT WANT TO SMELL YOUR PERFUME stop rubbing your stoppers on my arms....

yes yes - OBVIOUSLY - its best not to go when a big freaken cruise liner filled with weirdly dressed foreigners on hols is in the harbour - so the market is FILLED to exploding point with "western expats" who will buy crap from pushy people - but I have been there without the cruise liner and it still happens...

and yes yes I know - they have to sell to make money - but really am I the only one that refuses to buy from those pushy ones - I find the ones that stay inside their weeny shops and ask them if they have what I am looking for - surely there are more people that feel that way???

Do you think they would be offended if I get a T-shirt made with the following on it..
I live here you D*CKHEAD
leave me alone
I DO NOT BUY CRAP from pushy people

I would wear that every time I go

Of course it would have to be a large T - cause it would need to be in English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu - but thats okay - cause I'm kinda large too.

* *shocked face here* I felt bad about the swear words soooooo put in some stars...

Anyways till next time - rant over... :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

51 reasons why I love Oman

I'm dating this blog in the actually blog - its 22h10 on the 8th of Januray 2010, and my reason for this is cause I want to see exactly how long it takes me to make up a list of 51 things I love about Oman. ( I was gonna make it 101 - but then realised the blog will be miles long and probably bore the hell outta you... LOL)

I have realised that I have been "kinda" negative in some of my posts - and I have had a few discussions with the kid about moving back to South Africa - but he's adamant he wants to stay here - "We can go back for a play date with my friends mom - but we have to come back here okay?" I think were his exact words - YEAH right - I'll travel that long on a plane for a play date... WAIT - dont write that off just yet - I might get that desperate one day... LOL!

Anyway - so I've now decided to list the reasons I love Oman, so you can all see it's not so bad... :)

1 - Starbucks
2 - Costa Coffee
3 - Tea Leaf and Coffee Bean .... ummmm Iced Mocha Extreme...
4 - Cafe Carribou
5 - 2 Macdonalds Drive through's RIGHT off the FREEWAYS!!! - I racked my brains and I cant think of any Mickey D's in RSA that are just on the off ramp of a free way?? anyone??? (Okay Okay - it's also inconvienent cause kiddy sees it all the time... but it is convienent! LOL)
6 - Less Fan Fare and money spent at Christmas
7 - the Driving - yes yes - can also complain about this - but it does create a few laughs at the idiots out there and its a great topic when all else fails
8 - Petrol is CHEAP... 0.120 OMR per litre - thats ZAR 2.40!!! YAY ME
9 - Cars are Cheaper... Oh I dont know the actual prices - but hubby does and he tells me they are - I know I can buy a Porsche Panamera here for the same price you would buy a lower level Toyota Landcruiser back in SA
10 - (making this another point to make up the 51!) one of the Hummers that are available here are actually manufactured in RSA - and they are cheaper here... Got love the Maximum Import Tax here... I stand under correction - but it's around 5 % I think (so I have been told - who knows!) in SA its a mathematically nightmare to work out the import tax - 100% duty + 14% VAT + 10% ad valerum tax - so thats what 124%? so a ZAR 10 000 car will have ZAR 12540 tax - so the car will really cost you ZAR 22540.
11 - Kid goes to school on a Saturday and a Sunday... LOL Oh to be able to actually SAY THAT... yes yes - no need to point out that he's then home on a thursday and a Friday
12 - Winter... YES - I say it again - WINTER... I giggle everytime I say that... its Winter here at the moment... WHAT?? WHERE?? I spent the day at the beach today - and got burnt like a lobster - cause I didn't use suntan lotion - WHY??? cause who puts on suntan lotion in Winter... yes yes (idiot!) LOL
14 - getting a ADSL phone line installed... HAH! YES... Got it within a week of application... :) YAY ME!!! and it's had one problem - and they were out and fixed within 2 hours of lodgeing the complaint... hee hee (wonder if that's the norm? or if my pretty face has wasta???) LOL
15 - School hours here run from 7h30 till 2... again YAY ME... I think for KG3 / Grade R back in SA it was 8h30 till 12h30??
16 - washing takes so quick to dry here... :)
17 - Shops are open ALL the time - okay well not literally - but all the supermarkets are open till late... :)
18 - Ladies only queues... I only recently discovered this - but there are queues in banks and shops JUST for LADIES... hee hee... nice!
19 - being able to speak a foreign language and have no one understand me... okay so this can also backfire... ;)
20 - Safe - I can walk down the street / beach at night and feel safe - I might get stared at yes - but I feel safe here whilst being stared at... LOL
21 - All the tinned food has pull off tabs... It's the lazy person in me... No need to go to the drawer and get the can opener... just pull it open.. :) LOVE IT
22 - Cafe Ceramique... yeah I promised a post ages ago - will get to it... I SO think this will WORK well in RSA - hey there ya go a biz opportunity... :)
23 - The lights on the freeway around HM the Sultan's birthday... very pretty, very well looked after
24 - Again - HM the Sultans birthday - the flowers and grass patches they put up around the city for this occasion - wow almost 2 months later and the flowers still look pretty - I guess when summer hits they will die out tho...
25 - Again - HM the Sultans birthday (can you tell I'm struggling to come up with a full list - so stretching it out?? :)) they put flags up everywhere... and unlike RSA where they would be left up to rot and never replaced - these were taken down timeously and neatly... you never even noticed the small army that must have done that...
26 - the fact that going to new places - even the local airline offices - turns into an adventure. First you have to get verbal directions, then bug someone for a wikimap, then try and get the GPS to say ANYTHING other than off route recalculting... FUN FUN FUN !!! and I get so EXCITED when I manage to find the place FIRST TIME.... :) I get so proud of myself... :) (pat on back)
27 - the fact that they work on the roads 24/7 and they are constantly changing... There's a major road work taking place here on the way to Qurum - everytime I past that junction they have changed it - one day theres a speed bump, they then realise that backs the traffic up - and over night they take it down, 2 days later they change it into 2 lanes vereing off into to different directions - so you panic as to which one to take - then they suddenly reconnect... I LOVE IT
28 - the fact that the GPS maps (well mine anyway) are not uptodate with the speed in which roads are changed here.... I hear more off route recalculating then anything else outta my GPS... LOL - okay okay - so that could also have something to do with my driving... No Comment... LOL
29 - The Total Mixing pot of nationalities here... It's great being able to meet other nationalities and find out things about them - discuss issues - even if it is things like why a Polar Bear should be clean and not dirty.... Its great - and I know my Kid is benefiting from it - he has 17 nationalities in his class of 20 and there are a total of 21 languages spoken in the class... WOW - where else can one get that type of exposure??
30 - You can go to the beach 365 days a year here... yes - even when it rains... :)
31 - they do NOT have the CAPE DOCTOR - the howling south easter that Cape Town experiences - I hated it... hardly any wind to speak of here...
32 - the beaches... thats gotta be a plus... :)
33 - OH - the snorkeling - my newly found hobbie... WOW - the seas are amazing here... well worth a visit just for that..
34 - The amount of different types of food available here - at good prices... yummo
35 - Ah almost forgot the drive thru' coffee shop... What more can a gal ask for hey... drive thru and get your cuppa...
36 - Muscat Bakery Al Khuwair (I think thats the branch) it's near me anyways - they have wraps - YUMMIE.. :) OMR 0.300 - yip ZAR 6 for this yummie wrap filled with something - I have NO FREAKEN IDEA - hubby says chicken mincey spicey whateva - then some salad and then slap chips (french fries) OH MY WORD... yummo
37 - the bread here - we just call it arabic bread - who knows what the correct term for it is... again yummo... :) erm - it looks like a pancake I guess but is more like pita breads - ie can be opened up and stuffed full of whateva.. yum yum
38 - Iraqui (does it have the u?) bread - I know the name cause I asked... :) there is a teeny weeny hole in a wall here nearby - you go in - not much there except this large round hole with a large gas fire at the bottom - you order the bread - they roll out the balls of dough - flatten it and stick it to the roof of this "oven" couple of secs later you have a yummo large piece of hot breadie / pancakey / something... flip - we end up eating it all on the way home and whatever we had made to eat with it gets stuffed in the fridge... (note to self - on the nights you dont want to cook - just go get the bread)
39 - Qurum Park - love the place - I dont go there often enough - beautiful large gardens - stunning now that all the flowers are out - large lake - you can spend your evenings there picnicing, walking, jogging, eating whateva... Now back in RSA - yes you get nice walking areas - but ask yourself this - would you go there alone with your kids after dark???
40 - Friendlyness and random acts of kindness from total strangers - yes sure they are world wide - but it seems to stick out here more.. dont ask me why
41 - did I mention the coffee culture?
42 - okay this one might sound weird... and is totally hard to explain unless you have been here - but I love the random randomness of this place... you have things all over the place, strange shops next door to weirder shops, the shop names make me giggle, seeing people on the side of a freeway on a wadi mat drinking coffee makes me smile, seeing 2 men holding hands makes me smile - randomness I tell you randomness.
(can you tell I'm struggling here... LOL)
43 - I LOVE the fact that if you are out shopping and you spot something interesting - you have to sms / call everyone you know to let them know what you have found - cause you have to BUY it then and THERE cause it will be gone within the hour... so if you see the ABC and you know X wants one BUY IT NOW! - 'cause if you call her and tell her you saw it at XYZ - she will not get there in time to get it... its weird but fun I tell you FUN - makes shopping an adventure... :D
44 - OH Almost forgot (thanks wingman) the smoking laws here... :) big plus... HAHA you can basically smoke in most places here... In malls for me was a biggie - but I have gotten over the novelty and no longer stand around like a "bergie" leaning against pillars having a fag.... I try and act with manners now... LOL
45 - okay another one that sounds good in my head... the "brain trust" as I call it - a social networking site on the internet for people who live / lived in Oman - regardless of nationality - you can get soooo much information of there its amazing - and meet a whole bunch of great people... :) no where in SA - if you join a social networking site will you meet nicer people, have accurate info, and find exactly what you need to know - I guess it boils down to the fact that Muscat itself is actually tiny - so everyone is based more or less in the same place - and not spread out in different citys etc etc.
46 - Did I mention you can swim 365??? indeed you can swim all year round... granted to water temp drops over "winter" but it drops to swimable levels not freezing levels...
47 - This one is for the kid - I know he loves this... You can sit on the floor, eating with your hands making a mess and mommy dont moan... he loves it... :) (granted I only allow that in resturants where I dont have to clean... LOL
oh bugger - running out of steam here... help
48 - I learn things here - like I have finally figured out the definition of a split second... Its the time between the traffic lights turning amber (they do that here - red amber green amber red) anyway between turning amber and the guy behind you hooting... split second
49 - There is no income tax / paye what ever you call it - granted I dont have a job... BUT if I had one it would be tax free... Now that is a good enuff reason hey... :)
50 - smokes are extremely cheap here... EXTREMELY... :) Back in RSA I think I was paying over ZAR 25 + a pack of 20 - here I'm paying around OMR 0.600 per 20 so thats what around ZAR 12.... yay ME!!!! :)

and Finally

51 - Double D, Spin Cycle, Wingman and Dave (after much debate we settled on this nick... sorry but it works...) are HERE!!!! :D Coffee buddies... Gotta love 'em... :)

Okay who spotted I didn't have a 13??? LOL

Anyways till next time...

PS - if you think of anything else positive about this place let me know... :)
PPS - its 11h30 on the 11th of January - so it did take me a while - but bear in mind I had a overseas guest - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it... :)

You can spot us a MILE away... :)

I'm telling you - you can spot a South African a MILE away in this place... :)

Four recent things have bought me to this post

Firstly Delirious in the Desert - wrote a blog about the Degrees of Seperation - you can read it -->here<-- and this got me thinking about how close we all are, which lead my warped mind to how many South Africans I randomly bump into in this place, and of course it wasn't long before someone I met here knew someone who knew someone I knew.... (yeah confusing I know - but thats facebook for you.... LOL)

And then I got to thinking about maybe using Africaans as a means of "Skinnering" (for those who are too lazy to read my earlier posts thats "Gossiping") just MIIIGHT not be the thing to do in this place - even tho' you assume there isn't another Saffer for miles around...

Let me give you an example... (this being recent event 2)

My family and "R"'s family decided to spend the day at the beach recently - there we "spied" this old Tannie (polite way of saying old lady) who's hair was not "up to our standards" LOL - it was really long and really grey - and we were generally discussing how when we got to that age should we dye it, cut it - as you ALL know - people over "a certain" age should have short hair (or so the myth goes) (my world remember.... :)) Bearing in mind that me and R hadn't had a hair cut for months - so we were not looking up to scratch either - never mind the grey... LOL
So anyway there we were "skinnering" away in Africaans about this tannie - without a care in the world - even though she most probably heard us (here's holding thumbs she didn't!).... Later on in the day - oh a couple of hours later - along comes - we assume her husband and her son.... LO and BEHOLD - the son had a togbag with a South African FLAG on it..... YES Murphy's Law - skinner about someone in a foreign language and YES they will know that very same language... OOPS!! Needless to say - we were MORTIFIED... and proceeded to take the long way around to the sea for the rest of the day... :)

And then there is the way - and I'm sorry to say this - REALLY I AM - but I just have it... its the way the SOUTH AFRICAN MALE dresses... Sorry - this had to be said...

Recent event 3

I went to a Mall a little while ago - standing next to a pillar having a fag (as you do... LOL - I LOVE IT - you can smoke in the malls here... I dont any more tho' But I did then cause it was a novelty... :)) anyway - moving along - a guy walked passed wearing plakkies (flipflops) Rugby shorts and a vest with holes in it (any South African that reads this will know WHAT I'm talking about!) and a bum bag / moon bag (whateva you call it). Hubby and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing... Of course I said "I wonder how we could prove he was a Saffer?" The words were bearly out of my mouth when I looked back and saw the moonbag had an advert on it.... Thats right people it was a Cell C moon bag... ENUFF SAID - thats all the proof I NEEDED!

(Erm - prehaps I should clarify for any non saffer reading - seeing as I know of at least 2 "foreigners" who read this (thanks Delirious and CCS!).... Cell C is the 3rd Cellular Network in RSA who were too lazy to think up a real name - so they called themselves C ... LOL)

and finally recent event 4
This happened today actually, we went to the beach for the day - as you do when
a) its the last day of school holidays
b) you have overseas guests
c) its a "Sunday
d) its the middle of WINTER... OH how I love that...

Anyway there was another couple there and me and SK2 discussed them and were undecided if they were Saffers or not - again PURELY on the style of clothing the male wore. About half hour later when hubby came back from his swim - he proceeded to have the same conversation with us... I was like "wow - I'm not the only one who thinks people are South African based solely on the clothes"

Anyway we were left undecided - hubby and I were yes they are and SK2 was nope they are not - so no out right win on this one - no solid proof...

One other thing I have noticed here as well is that Saffers all seem to have a South African flag on their cars as a bumper sticker... I haven't noticed that many other countries - but a damn lot of SA Ones - strange dont you think?
Dont they realise that just means that other people will know that its a South African who's stolen their parking spots?? or parked badly?? or cant drive??

I have not succumbed to this - purely because you cant buy them here ;)

Anyways till next time - feel free to post me a Flag Bumper Sticker... :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's the little "weird" things that make me smile......

I just had to post about this.... I had such a giggle to myself when I "discovered" these and I soooooo wanted to email tonnes of peeps and say LOOK WHAT I GOT... but of course that really only works well in my head... LOL

Firstly - according to "my world" - the real world is made up of "camps" - for and against - you are either with me or against me so to speak... I used to have a whole list of things on this subject - but due to my move I've lost the list... (refer wobbly post!) Seriously - I cant remember the whole list I made up - but here's a few

- You get MacDonalds - you either eat the chips first or the burger - simple as that you never eat them together - one or the other... - I'm in the burger first camp.
- Elvis or Cliff - It's true - you either like one or the other - never both - please someone tell me you like both... :) Due to my mother dear being Cliffs number 1 fan and groupie - I fall in the Cliff camp.

Like I say I did have a longer list - but I'm getting old now - so forgot...

BUT last one (I can remember... lol) is BAKED BEANS
- you either LOVE 'EM or HATE 'EM...
I'm in the LOVE 'EM camp - yummmmmmie.... Beans on Toast with a fried egg on top... (where's my brother when you need him??? ) LOL

ANYWAY's to get to the point of this whole blog...

South Africa can be so "developed" (read first world) in some respects - yet so "undeveloped" (read third world) in others... 'Strue - there are many areas that South Africa outstrips Oman on development (Driving, having to pay for plastic bags, the packers at the shops - for a quick off the top of my head list) but one way RSA lags behind is food stuff - In a earlier post I mentioned a shop in RSA where you can buy tonnes of your Fav UK foods - and boy do the British people buy from there... The UK has quite a few yummie things for a nation that "supposidly" cant cook... LOL

One thing I always thought that RSA should import was the frozen Yorkshire Puddings.. cause DAMN - I can only make Yorkshire thin waffers - yes yes apparently its the heat of the oil that makes it.... NOPE! cant do it... Although my Boet brags that he can - but he never invites me around when he makes them - strange now that I think about it... LOL (BTW - they have 'em here - I have a few stashed in my deep freeze for the next roast... :))

Anyway - For the person WHO CANT COOK and likes to make meals as hassle free as possible (and also bearing in mind the clean up that goes along with the making of the food..... LOL) I have DISCOVERED this weeks BEST INVENTION.... (I feel like Dr Livingston! ROFL)

Thats right people - Microwaveable, individual portions of BAKED BEANS...

They look like this....

Below you can read all about it... LOVE IT
Just enough in one "bucket" for beans on toast for one person - peel back the plastic cover and pop in the microwave for 1 min... :)

What more can a person ask for hey??? :) (of course if they could pre-pack nice fresh fried eggs... I'd be in heaven... LOL)

Anyways till next time.... MBABT.... ROFL...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

bleh...... oh - WARNING - this is age restricted... :)

Geez - slump time again....

Not gonna bore you all to death with my slump days...

Just wanna tell you NEVER EVA move to a foreign country where you have a rely on sponsorship for work visa's to start up a new business... JUST - DONT - DO - IT!!! :)
And dont EVER do it if your Hubby dont handle stress well... FUCK IT - we are living in a muslim state for crying in a bucket - the amount of times we have screamed I'm divorcing you at each other - by this time I am sure we are actually legally divorced.... ROFL...

Anyways you know how you end up having certain songs you play over and over and over again - cause they just really touch the mood you are in, and every lyric pulls at your heart stings and you wanna shout - STOP SINGING ABOUT ME...

Well - I have a song for this phase in my life right now - Eminem - Beautiful

I will try and link the youtube page -> here <- its the lyrics up until roughly 2 minutes - I can listen to them over and over and over...

They touch me...

dont click on it - if you think Eminem is a tad rude... LOL

Lets see if I can find the lyrics and copy and paste them - then you can sing along hey???

DAMN IT - Cant find one that I can copy and paste from... Wont even let me print it... LOL

Here goes - its a re-type - so excuse any spelling mistakes

Lately I've been hard to reach
I've been too long on my own
Everyone has their private world
Where they can be alone

Are you calling me?
Are you trying to get through?
Are you reaching out for me?
I'm reaching out for you

I'm just so fucken depressed
I just cant get out this slump
If I could just get over this hump
But I need something to pull me out this dump

I took my bruises, took my lumps
Fell down and got right back up
But I need that spark to get psyched back up
and in order for me to pick the mic back up

then the rest - obviously dont relate - but the Chorus does... :D

Dont let 'em say you aint beautiful
They can all get fucked, just stay true to you
Dont let 'em say you aint beautiful
They can all get fucked, just stay true to you

So anyways thats my bitch for the day - sorry it wasn't more interesting... but I had to get that of my chest... :D

Anyways till next time