Monday, January 25, 2010

Illogical Randoms

I have so many small illogical random thoughts I wanted to share with you - so I thought I would just pop them all into one long blog - saves you reading many small ones hey?? Ain't I nice?? :)

* I have a new cat! SO excited to be able to adopt a cat in plight - I didn't even ask hubby - I just put my hand up as soon as it was mentioned that there might be a possiblity of a slight chance of a kitty looking for a home - his name is Gizma (taken from Cuzco for those without kids who are addicted to Disney Channel!) although he was initally Gizmo - he's a 4 month old little cutiepie and just wants love and cuddles - it's taking a while to integrate him in to the Gatvol Mad House what with our other cat, a Jack Russel, a Terrapin, and a 6 year old! But am sure he will settle down soon.

* I saw a resturant the other day called Green Deera... now imagine driving down the road, where you have to a) drive on the "wrong" side of the road b) watch out for crazy drivers and c) try to figure out where the hell you are going - you can see why I read that wrong.... yes I read it Green Diareria... seriously I went around the block just so I could double check that...

* I need to get over my coffee addiction.... :( the other day friends where trying to explain to me how to get some where and instead of the usual take this road, that round about, etc etc - they started telling me "you know that coffee shop, turn there" - Sad BUT TRUE... rofl... :)

* I have finally met someone who can say "Huston, we have a problem" and mean it... it's one of the many quotes that I like and say often - even young fatty says it now and then - and I am soooo excited to have met someone who can say it and mean it! (my world remember!) Her husband's work (no idea what who or where) has a head office in Huston. Just before Christmas they were advised that his services were no longer required here - so he was to go back "home" but they were waiting on Huston for the date - what with the school fees years etc. It took Huston about a month to get back to them and they were stressed to the max... I had great pleasure in saying "huston, we have a problem" every time I saw her... :) Oh the little things that make me smile... :)

* My Aunt and Uncle from the UK are visiting my family in RSA at the moment - and I SO want to be there... My Aunt is madly in love with elephants (even though she has never seen one - weeeelllll unless you want to call my Uncle an Elephant) and I would love to take her to the Kruger National Park - it's the most amazing place in South Africa and a MUST for any visitor to the country. (google is your friend - look it up!) lol... there is so much info out that - that I cant even begin to tell you about it - hummm maybe an idea for another blog - let me know... :)

Here's a few pic's I took on my last trip there :-

A herd of Ellies crossing the road

A charging Bull Ellie

Every overseas tourist FATAL mistake... getting out of the car to get a better pic of ........

..... a Leopard under the bridge

So - word from the wise - if you are gonna go visiting a game reserve or park - stay in the car... Us Saffers point and laugh at you and we actually stay to see if you are gonna get eaten... (sometimes we even take bets! :) ) Unfortunately / Fortunately the tourists in the above picture understood me when I explained to them that Leopards eat meat, and they are made of meat... so they climbed back in the car...

* I went for a job interview today - weirdest one EVA! Firstly - they do job interviews in coffee shops here (who am I to complain!) we certainly don't do that back in RSA - so it was weird for me... but enjoyable... Secondly... imagine someone who talks more then me (oh the shock yes I know!) so in fact I think I spoke about 3 sentances the whole time - one to say hello, one to say goodbye and the last to order the coffee... oh wait I said thanks to the waitron... so thats 4!! At the end of the interview he said he would call me later regarding the hours and the salary, but can we have a meeting tomorrow to go get the accounts from the book-keeper I will be taking over from... (and the advert said I would be accountant overseeing this poor book-keeper who it seems has now been fired?? erm... ) so I dont know hey... will wait to see what happens I guess...

* and finally, as am sure a lot of you are, I've been thinking a lot about Haiti lately - the TV is on CNN or BBC world all day every day since the earthquake has happened over a week ago - I tend to go from teary to smiling in the course of a news clip... I know I know we have more problems, proverty, homelessness, hunger, abandoned children etc in RSA - but somehow something that is this devastating from NATURE, God, Allah or whomever you may believe in - seems to hit me harder than the problems the RSA Government has managed to create.... my thoughts are with everyone involved in either the earthquake or the rescure / aid operations. I wish I could do more to help.

Anyways till the next Random thought pops into my head... :)


  1. Hope the job is a nice one. Y

  2. do you need to change visa ..?

  3. Thanks for popping in Anonyomouses... :)

    Anony 1 (Y?) not sure yet haven't taken it

    Anony 2 - as above - no need yet - I dont have a job yet... will only need to do that if I get it right? one can still go for interviews without a work visa right?