Monday, February 01, 2010

Okay THATS IT time for a name change....

Just a quicky today.... (I hear you all gasp! - me a quick one - not bladdy likely) :)

As you know from my previous post - I have a new kitty... cute little bugger - roughly 4 months old, extremely loveable, and he's managed to integrate himself within the Gatvol mad house within the space of a week. Both Cat and Dog are enjoying his company.... well the dog keeps a wide berth - BOY can this little kitty HISS!!! :)

Cant say hubby is happy tho'- the little bugger has decided that hubby's office chair is HIS... and if hubby is sitting there - no problem - I'll just walk all over the key board a few times until he gets upset and walks out... problem SORTED.

He was initally called Gizmo - then fatty decided to change it to Gizma - from Cuzco on Disney Channel - HOWEVER - I've decided to change it again - from now on he's gonna be called HOUDINI...

I live in a largeish villa - basement, groundfloor, 2nd floor and roof... since I bought over my Dog and my Cat from RSA - I made the house escape proof - there is no where for any animal to escape here - C & D have been living in this house for around 7 months now and NOT ONCE have any of the two gotten out - NOT ONCE NEVER...

All the windows are shut, or rather - now that it's "winter" they are open - but since the arrive of Houdini I have shut them slightly so now there is just a small gap in each window - else the useless non working mossie screen is over the window. The back door, front door and sliding door are permanently shut now - we used to keep the back door open so C & D could come and go outta the side driveway / alley as much as they wanted - but with Houdini joining we've been extremely vigalant in keeping then shut. The door leading to the roof is open YES, but in my defence - I keep the kitty litter out on the roof - erg - that has got to be keep out in the OPEN...

BUT again, the roof door has been open for 7 months - no escapee acts whatsoever.

So up until about week and a half ago the stats were

House 2 - Escapees 0


So - initally the first week he was locked up in fattys room, where we slowly intergrated him into the rest of the madhouse.... me, hubby, fatty, Dog, Cat and Terrepin.... it went so well that within 5 days he had the run of the house...

So lets say within the last 4 / 5 days or so - we have found him outside TWICE - once making a hell of a noise at the front door, and now this evening - I noticed there was no cats running around creating havoc - so I went investigating - couldn't find him - peered over the edge of the roof and there he was crossing the road!!! 0_0 (my weak attempt at a shocked face)

If someone could please just tell me how the hell he is getting out of this house - we have CHECKED everywhere and can find no loopholes, hidden tunnels, and I have tonight checked all animals for tattoos (a la Micheal Scofield) NOTHING...

Now I have to try and convince the vet to "fix" him earlier than the usual 6 months. I, along with the rest of the family, will be devasted if anything happened to this little cutie pie - and my main concern that if he is "jumping of the roof" how is he gonna get back in....

Any other ideas for the interim???

anyways till next time...


  1. Perhaps he was called Gizmo for a reason? Perhaps he has a magic gadget that gets him outside? :)

  2. Ha ha love the Michael Schofield comment ;)

  3. Houdini and Max could be the perfect match... Although, that is maybe something better saved for an Animal Planet freak show ;)

  4. Thanks for popping in everyone :)

    @Sythe - LOL - I never even registered that... I thought he was called Gizmo because he has large eyes - must be the generation gap thingy... :)

    @Delirious... ;) LOVED that show

    @ ED - Sounds like a good plan - wonder how much money the road show would make us... ;)

  5. I've had kittens walk right out the door when I went out and been completely unaware of it until someone else saw the escape artist. Our screen door has a latch that requires a fair amount of pressure to push past it and open the screen -- our youngest cat pushed it right open when she was only about 3 months old.

    Four months is fine for fixing a kitten. That's our standard with the foster kittens. If he's already got the call of the wild it mightn't have anything to do with hormones. My big guy was fixed a year before I got him, but he loves the outdoors. He has a well-defined territory though and doesn't venture beyond it.