Monday, August 29, 2011

THIS is how it's done... OKAY????

Just a quick one today - I haven't had time to blog what with these awfully long school holidays as well as having my mother here for a holiday! :)

I was sent this link today - and I JUST HAD TO SHARE it - I couldn't stop giggling :)!

Just a quick 'how to' video so as not to embarrass yourselves!

Here's hoping we can eradicate the world from the poor old gas braai! Sorry peeps - IT DOES NOT TASTE the SAME! :)

Anyways till next time... Ramadan is almost over!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So long Suckers!

So, it's that time of year again...

In a few days time I'll be

* Eating this

* Seeing this

* Feeling this

* Loving this

* Drinking tonnes of this

* or maybe even this

* Hugging all of these

and of course driving on the wrong side of the road, and not having to shave my legs for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!!!!

Anyways till next time!
See Soon! and don't miss me!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Series'ly' Addicated...

*stands up*
Hi - my name is Gatvol - and I'm an addict! :)

Seeing as I haven't had an original thought of my own for a while - you see my boss has sucked the life out of my brains and refuses to allow me to think in any way or form - but I digress - I thought I would bore you to death with my addiction that I have managed to pick up since I've been here in Oman...

*drum roll please*

TV Series...

Yip - I admit I am 115% addicted to TV series - and I watch them in order - wiki episodes and seasons to make sure I have them all - and I EVEN have a booklet with the name, number of seasons and episodes listed - clearly marked if I have seen them or if I still need to see them - and if I still need to get the episode to watch it - its the OCD in me kicking in...

In order to maintain my stress levels - which have been going through the roof here - I have funneled all my coping mechanisms (ie OCD) into my compulsion of TV series - I'm becoming an expert (in my own little world!)

So - in no particular order - this is what I am / have been addicted too:-

* Two and Half Men - Thank goodness this is now cancelled
* How I met your mother - it's Legend... wait for it.... DARY
* Psych - Gus reminds me of me!
* Chuck - Cant wait for next season! Morgan's the man!
* Lie to me - bleh
* Supernatural - TEAM DEAN!!! :) Season 6 is starting to loose the plot tho'
* Weeds - I still need to watch the last season - can a woman be that pathetic?
* Brothers and Sisters - am starting to get bored of it will see if I will watch next seasons
* Ghost Whisperer - first few season were good - but didn't enjoy the last one
* Grey's Anatomy - I love this show - it makes me cry all the time! and I loved this seasons cliff hangers
* Glee - Another show I just love :) Esp. their Thriller episode
* Bones - easy watching although I wish I was that intelligent! Am disappointed in the way this season ended... they totally glossed over Bones and Booths relationship! OH and I cant wait for the spin off The Finders - looks good!
* Army Wives - I can relate to this one!
* Boston Legal - :) Denny, Denny Crane - I intend to watch this one all over again!
* Mentalist - bleh - so glad Red John is dead - can life continue now?
* Tudors - All I can say is JRM... drool drool - oh and the History Lesson was good too!
* 90210 - I love these teenager feel good series... (pathetic I know)
* House - Mr Sarcasm himself... I bow down to the master
* CSI - got to catch up from when Grissom left 3 seasons worth
* CSI - Miami - H just RUINS this show for me - I am leaving the last 3 seasons as a 'I have nothing to watch summer holidays show'
* CSI - New York - Love the music on this show!
* SCRUBS - My all time fav - and if you don't like it - I have 2 thumbs!
* ER - I'm sure I've missed some - it's such a long playing show - so I am going to watch them all over again!

I started off typing up a little 'blurb' about each one - but this post became really long and really boring - so I removed that! So count yourself lucky that I haven't bored you half to death!

And this is what I have waiting on the side line waiting to be watched:-
* Samantha Who
* Private Practice
* 7th Heaven
* 24
* 30 Rock
* Arrested Development
* Burn Notice
* Californication
* Fringe
* Sons of Anarchy

Do you have Series your addicted too? Recommend anything interesting to watch? I've got 3 months of School Holidays coming up and I need to keep sane... PLEASE let me know if there is anything else half decent to watch out there! :)

Anyways till next time!
Let me know if you have any funny addictions!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Yeah, I'll get right on that....

Indeed - I hide in shame... this is disgusting... Have I really been this lazy??
Oh I have loads of excuses as to why I haven't blogged for a while - but lets not go into them now :) Dont want to bore you straight of the bat... :)

I'm ashamed to admit I had to post myself a comment this evening just so I could figure out where the sign in page was... that's pathetic... I know.... I had also been considering just abandoning this blog and starting afresh... but I couldn't do that.... I like my little kitty picture ;)

What I will say is I have my own laptop again now - so in theory I should get more internet time to be able to start blogging again......

................ soon, promise :)

Now all I need to do is find something interesting to blog about...

anyways, till next time...
Let me know if you have any interesting topics... :)