Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Badass and I want one..... but will I get arrested?

My husband knows me too well... It saddens me - nothing I do surprises him any more, and he pre-empts me all the time... :( BUT THEN AGAIN - it means he knows things I would LOVE and boy oh boy did he get it right this time... :)

All of the cars I've owned over the years has been because of him saying to me trust me - you will love this one and he's been right every time.....

The other day when we were out on our adventure of trying to find this famous pork shop here in Muscat - (Man was that worth it!) and as we were near the car showrooms he says oh I have to show you this car and he promptly pulls into the Ford Showroom - I refused to get outta the car - he KNOWS I hate Fords - cant stand 'em sorry. And on top of that I was sitting in a Ford - the company car we have is a Ford Double Cab something or other (dont know dont care) the car SUCKS and I want to kick it in the teeth every day.... (but hey it gets me from A to B and back again and it's free - so shouldn't complain too much!) (thank goodness the car cant read.... erm it cant can it??) :)

So anyway there I was refusing to climb out telling my husband he's got it wrong this time I aint interested in Ford... no way no how... until of course he pointed out that there was a toilet inside I could use... so I had to go... :)

He showed me the Ford F150 - it's Badass and I WANT ONE...

Man that is one badass car - it's huge.... Hubby - who is fairly large - can fit VERY comfortably in the back seat - it's great. I could just picture myself driving this around Muscat. (might have to get other people to park it for me tho'!)


One small problem tho' did you know Expats (as we are called here) are apparently NOT allowed to own Bakkies here in Oman! In my world - that's weird... and it saddens me....

I can just picture my Badass self in this Badass car...



  1. No Need to cry! The rule about pickups is usually only enforced if you are Indian or Pakistani, or if the pickup is an old Toyota like the fishermen drive. I had an F150 as a company car here, and it was fantastic.

    They loose like 40-50% of their showroom value within the first year, so see if you can find a good second hand one. you might want to drive a GMC pickup as well before you make up your mind. The GMC service department here has been pretty good to me in the past, whereas Ford service pretty appalling.

  2. Suburban - thanks for taking the time out to pop in.. :)
    And thanks for all the info - thats great news, and good to know about the resale value... gonna go look at GMC asap! :)

  3. I say.. go for GMC.
    ..didn't know about not allowed "Bakkies" for expats.. as I'm one and I've one. :)

  4. Have you tried Juma suq for seconds?

  5. Hi ...
    read all your posts
    wonderfully refreshing random blog
    and resale value = toyota/nissan in oman

  6. Thanks for popping in hUUdy, Bobby and Scarlet Pimpernel.. :)
    and thanks for the advise... :)

  7. Suburban is right - you can own one with a touch of wasta, especially if you buy it and not hubby!

    And Ford service really is atrocious. Even against some tough competition...