Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Haphazard Thoughts

Its been a hectic week.. and I'm not really in the mood for putting my thoughts down in writing - but I'm not sure which is worse people complaining I'm not telling them news or having to sit my fat arse down and write... :)

So this will be a total haphazard bunch of thoughts and things that have happened in the past while..

So lets break the news down first shall we..

- Hubby (am trying to think up a better word - but that involves actual thoughts - so give me time - unless you can come up with a better one!) has pulled out of the business that he has set up here - and the first words out of one of the other partners (soon to be ex) mouths was "your visa will be revoked". WTF - was that a threat?
- The landlord has finally shown his true colours - he's of the dickhead colour varity - yes so we are sub-leasing - get over yourself - you must have approved it cause you didn't object before - but where the hell are you manners?? Sitting outside in your car, phoning the person who has rented to call us to tell us to come outside?? and then refuse to speak to us? WTH is up with that?
- I went on an outting with the school - and without my knowledge - hubby gets a bee in his bonnet and hires muscles to finally get the house sorted out - so it was a total mess when I got home and this the day after housework day!!! With Sugar spilt every where from upstairs all the way downstairs to the kitchen... ERG
- Hubby dear decides to go to Abu Dhabi - which caused endless logisital problems - least of all having around 10 young adults outside my house at 11 at night transfering the tow bar from our car to a car that has stronger towing power - Geez they can make a noise - HOWEVER - on a positve note - WHERE ELSE in the WORLD could you just leave 2 sets of car keys on a front step of a house and have them still there in the morning??? (although growing up in RSA - I didn't take the chance I went to fetch them... :))

So things are not going according to MY plans... and I have spent a few days spreading the hate and being totally GATVOL in Oman... However, have now handed over all my worries - and am in a better place (for the moment!) and am just waiting to figure out what His new plans are.

Am sure that the new found happyness also has a lot to do with my recent coffee date with friends (I am now offically allowed to call 'em friends... whoop whoop!) Apparently once you've discussed the pros n cons of a Mono brow you can class them as friends - (note to self tame the mono brow!)

I have a whole list of things that I am wondering about lately..

I wonder...

- Why the muscles put the sugar bowl upside down in the bread bin while they were moving all my furniture the other day?
- if Rat poo size is relative to the size of the rat
- why I have suddenly developed Caffiene shakes if I have too much caffiene - is that old age?
- WHY (and yes this is a big WHY) is it that if I want something its up / down stairs - never on the same level as me
- why do I own 55 coffee mugs?
- why my wingman's kid always gets sick on coffee date day - is that a hint?
- why my cat is still moulting after 5 months of being here
- why do I always end up with 2 pairs of sunglasses on my face (one on my hair and one over my eyes)
- why are Jack Russels better rat catches than cats
- why I never get a phone call unless I have left my cellphone at home
- when will the festive cheer kick in
- why we haven't actually gotten around to fixing the washing machine yet
- when will I get around to actually learning this blog programme so I can attach links, photos n videos n things..

A BIG SHOUT OUT has to go to Lee and the HotShots and Brooklyn teams who have BOTH done RSA PROUD at the FISAF World Champs hosted in Martinique this year... Brooklyn took GOLD MEDAL in the Hip Hop Senior Category and Hot Shots took GOLD in the Juniors!! No idea how to link but here goes... HERE
(Lee correct me if the info is wrong..... :))
Congratulations to you all!!!

HEY WHAT DO YA KNOW - Thanks Delirious - I managed to get a link up... WHOOP WHOOP - not all is lost... :)


  1. Kudos to you on discovering you are an internet whiz :) Oh and I wondered the other day about the two pairs of glasses, but assumed one was prescription? lol!

  2. ROFL! Whiz me?? almost.. yeah the one over my eyes was prescription - but WHY put the other one one... cant figure that out! :)