Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WTF A criminal system that works???

Oh my has it been a hectic few days - what a lead up to Christmas. Phew....

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of dealing with the South African Criminal System - let me give you a brief run down.

If a person who owes you money doesn't pay - there is only one option - start legal processeding - go to a lawyer (ie spend more money) they will start sending letters, after so many letters (ie spending even more money) they go to court, wait a few years to get an available court date (ie spend yet even more money). Eventually get a court date and have the judge throw it out because of one teeny tiny small technicallity like his name spelt wrong in the papers. So about 5 years on - you've spent tonnes of money and haven't even seen a red cent of what was initally owed to you.

Oh trust me - its all true - I have someone back in RSA who owes me a fortune - I gave up even bothering to get my money out of him.

In Oman - let me tell you the Criminal System WORKS!!!!

Hubby sold something to a person here (lets call him AH - short for A'Hole)
So AH handed us 3 post dated cheques for this item. I was SHOCKED - no ways you should accept postdated cheques for something - back in RSA you KNOW for SURE - he's gonna run, cancell the cheques and disappear with your item - NEVER to be seen again.

Hubby tells me not to worry - here apparently - you can get arrested if your PD cheque acts like a rubber ball and bounces... YEAH RIGHT I SIGHED... whatever - do what you want (in other words - family motto - Nod and Agree - it's true that's our family motto - I have a T-Shirt and photos to prove it!!!)

Anyway - along comes the date of the first said PD cheque - WHY was I not surprised when we got a frantic phone call begging us not to deposit the cheque because he doesn't have the money. Besides having a mental breakdown - I just pointed, laughed and said TOLD YOU SO.

Hubby slyly smiled at me and said oh dont worry.........

Next thing I know AH is actually SITTING IN JAIL. Thats right people - it took a couple of phone calls, a touch of wasta (influence - thats a story for another post) one trip to the police department and before you could say "Bob's your uncle" he was chucked in the chookie.... (Picture SHOCKED FACE HERE)

24 hours later we had our money and he is out of jail.


and I assume AH will NOT let the next 2 cheques bounce either...

Anyways till next time

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