Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things I can't find in Oman

Okay - so I've gotten over me little Mental breakdown - thanks to all who sent emails, comments and prayers... It all helped cheer me up - thanks... :) I'm not at the top yet - but am trying really hard to be more positive - and nothing like 3 days solid of housework and sorting to get a OCD mad person sorted... :)

Anyways - on to more positive things hey... if you can call this positive :)

I've be creating a list of things that I need someone to bring over from RSA for me - when and if I ever get any visitors... :) (hint hint) Things you can't find here and I miss them every now n then...

And I am gonna test run linking up pics... bear with me... :)

1) and I am not gonna link up a pic - you all know what I'm on about - it's the common garden variety toilet seat... YES people the toilet seats here are OBVIOUSLY made of gold - they cost a cool OMR 50.000 - thats ZAR 1000.00 - bearing in mind that at Builders Warehouse back in RSA - they only cost around R 150.00 so thats OMR 7.500 - here they are obviously made of gold..... Although I had one REALLY COOL friend D - who did an IKEA run to Dubai - and she got me one there - it was WELL under OMR 10.000 - she also bought me back a few packs of TimTams.. YAY ME :) (which brings me to my next one.... )

2) Tim Tams - For those of you who have no IDEA what a Tim Tam is you gotta read this blog by Delirious in the Desert - She happens to enjoy a Tim Tam Slam as much as I do. For those of you who never had the pleasure of joining me for a Slam - there is a video on this blog that will show all of you "un-inititated" EXACTLY how to do it. WATCH and LEARN my Friends - Watch and learn.
Back in RSA you can get 'em in any old Pick n Pay, and they are also available in Dubai - but NOT HERE... Which on one hand I guess is a good thing really - I am no longer munching my way through a packet a day doing the Tim Tam Slam...

3) Rowntrees Fruit Gums

okay so these arent really a South African Sweet - but I used to be able to get them there - they were imported along with other UK products at my FAV shop - the UK Emporium - google it people - you can get your fav UK stuff right there in RSA and THEY DELIVER!!! Although a nice stroll through their shop will bring back many memories of your childhood in England - erm if you had a childhood there like me.. :)
I have been begging my CCS to post me some... OR if that failed to get me mam to post me some - she's sitting in UK RIGHT NOW!!!! To no avail haven't heard a thing...

(Erm wonder if UKE will post me some now that I have given them free advertising... )

4) Jelly Tots

Okay - so I'm not missing them toooooo much - but poor old Kid is - he keeps on asking me to search the shops here for Jelly tots... :(

ALTHOUGH - I have to mention here that there is a DECIDED LACK of nice sweets here - as most of you know I have a sweet tooth - and I can tell you its slowly going - I have yet to find anything that tickles me fancy here and I can call it my next craze... its a SAD situation...

OH I LIED - there is a toffee here called MILKIES

But still thats a toffee not a jelly sweetie like Jelly tots or Fruit Gums, and I'm not addicted to them..... not really anyway....

5)Grandpa Headache Powders

BUT you cant find them here - and I am slowly finishing off my stash of 30 LARGE boxes I bought over with me... :(

Man I would give my wisdom teeth for a Karoo Lamb "Tjop op 'n Braai" right now...
The meat here is okay - I guess - but obviously not what we are used to eating, and yes you can get Pork - as long as you are willing to take out a 3rd bond on your house - we really only go n get a bit of bacon to make Mac'Cheese and maybe Pork Sausages (cause thats all I know how to cook!).
So yes - we have actually cut down on our meat eating - until I guess we develop the taste for it.
Back in RSA - you used to be able to buy 1kg Pre-pack Spare Ribs ready to braai at Spar or Pick n Pay - cant for the life of me remember the brand - anyone know what I am talking about - comes in a box?? Anyway those cost around ZAR 150 last time I was in RSA - you can get them here - I think it was R450.00 a kilo when I last look.. (Oh to be able to a shocked face emoticon right now!)
Lets get your taste buds going shall we?

Gosh whilst we are on the subject of meat - YUMMO RIB BURGERS... No need to elaborate here...

8) and of course what every South African missses - BILTONG and DROEWORS


There would have been a 9th - but thanks to Delirious who had ENOUGH of my whinging and moaning - she located Jurgenmeister!!!! I no longer miss that - I have it stashed in my deep freeze... :)

Well - thats about all the foodie types of things I miss from RSA - so if anyone is reading this and might be flying over soon (and I mean over as in not only over to visit - but over on the way somewhere else - so you can drop a package outta the window!) feel free to add any of these things in...

Keep tuned for a list of things I miss that one wont be able to pack into a suitcase...

Anyway - till then


  1. If we end up heading to Dubai this weekend we will grab you some Tim Tams ;) Will let you know if it ends up happening! x

  2. SWEET like a Lemon...
    That would be cool - as long as we make a deal - we gotta stop eating them in hiding - we gotta throw down a few Slam's together??? DEAL??

    Hope you get to go to Dubai... Inshall'allah! :)

  3. all the yummy fattening stuff....mmmmmm

  4. C C S - Crazy Cousin SDecember 21, 2009 at 11:22 PM

    I promise that as soon as this mad week called Christmas is finished in England I will get some and send them to you. BUT and I say BUT you better enjoy them and make them last as the postage costs to you guys is not blooming cheap but as you are also a Crazy Cousin I will happy oblige. XXXXXXXXXXX

  5. CCS!!! Yay - thought that might get your arse into gear... get the postage from me mam... :)
    Seriously tho - let me know how much it all comes too - then I get the money to you... :)