Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's a Rat in mi kitchen what am I gonna do?

Firstly, my apologies to UB40 for using their song title! :)

We have rats, big ones, little ones, fat ones, thin ones, young ones - ALL of them - in fact I think all of the rats in Muscat have decided that my house is the place to party. Seriously tho' - our house is a semi detached house, and the house next door is being used as a office cum kitchen for a whole bunch of male office workers - and we assume that the kitchen part of it - which obviously will have large catering size bags of rice, flour etc, - is a nesting zone for these little buggers, and of course they just walk over the roof onto our side.

Prior to me moving here, hubby dear was telling me the rats were a major problem running through the whole house in and out of extractor fans, windows, doors - you get the picture. So we bought over our cat and dog in the eternal hope that the rats will stay away - why else would I have paid such a bloody fortune to get them here... But now we have to leave the roof door open so that the dog can go to the loo (why the roof ?? thats a story for another blog!) so the rats are coming through that door too.

But we are happy to announce that the animals are doing their job - since they have been here we have only spotted one rat - although hubby dear believes its a little mouse - DAMMIT thats part of the rodent family isn't it?? And this rat / mouse didn't last long - the dog got him fairly quickly. Although it was rather strange - the cat strolled into the room - promptly fell on the floor and fell asleep - the dog was chasing the rat around the room trying to catch it - it even ran over the cat - who didn't flinch... (where was I??? outside looking through the window!)

But since that episode not one rat - nor evidence of them (ie rat droppings!) :)

Yay us! the animals - well the dog anyway - has earned his air ticket.....


I woke up yesterday morning and toddle off to the bathroom to attend to my morning ablutions - whilst I was on the loo my young son wondered in and stood in line.... Now I might be a weird mother - but one thing that irriates me is a 6 year old in the bathroom first thing in the morning - he just has NO IDEA on how to get that thing aiming straight - so seeing as I was there - I thought I would keep an eye on the proceedings (as you do!)

IMAGINE our surprise when the toilet paper I had just used moved... YES Ladies and gentlemen it was a rat... somehow it had gotten into the toilet bowl - we assume it fell in through the extractor fan - which was on at the time... anyway.... I instantly hit the flush button and WOOSH away it went... flash backs to the Movie Flush Away flashing through my mind.. :)

TODAY... another rat - although hubby is again convinced its a mouse - whatever - its a rodent dude get over it - was found this time by the cat in our upstairs passage - we moved the furniture away and the rat / mouse made a mad dash for safetly... the cat just sat there !! whats up with that??

Poor dog got into attack mode again - managed to get it and after a few choice karate moves the poor little thing was dead on the floor.... and what did the cat do??? walked up to the dead rodent gave it a good whack with his paw to make sure it was dead, put his paw on top of it and looked at me as if to say "Look what I caught for you"....

Blasted cat - I'm off to call up Cats R Us - to see if I can get a real cat...


  1. Here's my advice: head to the local animal shelter and adopt the mangiest looking cat, name him Fugly and bring him home. He'll be so grateful at having a new name that he'll give you a year's supply of rats in his first week.

  2. rofl.... you obviously have never been to visit me... 1) I dont think they have such things as animal shelters... good point gonna look into that and 2) if you saw the amount of stray cats that are in our road alone you would wonder why there were any rats... and they all look mangy.. and are half starving poor things... but somehow they just dont catch the rats... :)