Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm having a "I hate everything" day today...

Erg, I woke up in a I hate the world kinda mood today and I cant get it out of my system - so I have decided to create a list of things I hate - hopefully this will help me to get over myself...

I hate
- waking up in a I hate everything mood
- housework
- dust - it procreates and triples every time you clean
- the size of my floor surface in this place
- that my washing machine is broken (again)
- that I still havent unpacked
- that I still dont have a kitchen
- that people some times dont catch my sense of humour - its not my fault its a British humour mixed in with a South African humour for good measure.
- the fact that we have put our live and soul into this freaken company - and its not working out yet
- the fact that we have left some unfinished "business" back in RSA and its all going to pot and I seriously doubt it will ever be rectified
- the fact that there are no decent sweets here - oh my life for a Rowntree's fruit gum, and son dear is constantly talking about Jelly Tots... bless him
- the fact that I dont have my own car
- the T-Junction at the end of the road - it links up to a main road - and to cut a long story short it must be the worst T-Junction I have ever had the pleasure to try and cross
- that the drivers here in Oman who are totally inconsiderate of anyone else on the freaken road
- that I have to go outside for a smoke

(having just gotten back from a smoke break and a deep breath)...

I hate
- that its overcast (wonder if that means rain in this place... rofl)
- that I eat too much when I'm in these moods
- that I'm over weight
- that I have a low sense of self esteem
- that I think the whole world hates me
- that I have just finished a whole packet of Timtams by myself... (oh the horror!)
- that my husband irritates me today
- that my dog is following me around like a lost puppy... oh wait... he is a puppy..
- that there are no libraries in this place
- that I have no money of my own
- that I cant afford books - erg... okay that just depressed me further

Geez I could go on - but I think I'm depressing myself further and I dont want that... I only have a couple of packets of timtams... :)

I think I need to seriously go and get drunk... but then I would have to add a few further things on my hate list...

- that I dont know if they sell my favorite tipple here
- that I dont think I could afford it if I did !!
- that I dont have my drinking partners / wing men here
- that my wing men have completely ignored me since I left RSA ... what type of friends were they... :(

Anyway - hopefully tomorrow my mood will be better

and then I'll start on a list of things I love PROMISE



  1. Heya, its totally normal to have these 'hate' days and need to process and vent. That is the beauty of blog therapy :) But look at the bright least you have Tim Tams and although you have demolished had them in the first place :) I on the other hand and avoiding cleaning the floors and bathrooms by having a Greys Anatomy and coffee marathon, its 100x better! Oh, and reading your blog :)

    Moving to a new place and being a home exec w/ no money of your own is flat out H-A-R-D and frustrating at the best of times. I get that. You feel like you are drifting from your old friends and living in a bubble and in limbo.

    The thing is, your life has changed a lot and theirs has a only a little (being that you left), but everything else for them is status quo so they forget sometimes that you need them now more than ever and feel lost more than ever.

    We find it hard to adjust because literally nothing is the same for us and we have to fill the void. But honestly, you will get there and have more good days than 'hate' ones.

  2. Delirious - you're right - this is a good theraphy :) and I guess I should be greatful, this is only about the 3rd I hate Day since I got here... :)

    am sure tommorrow will be a better day... :)

    Oh and dont worry - I still got a packet of Tims for you... ;)

  3. Totally agree we all have "hate" days, have them quite alot lately. Hope you are feeling slightly better now and I promise I am working on the fruit gums and do I also need jelly tots now!!!!!