Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Proudly South African?

I've touched on this before, but recently I got a email thats doing the rounds and it had me giggling quite a bit, so I thought I would share it with you all (plus adding my own thoughts on the subject!) :) For those of you who are Saff-African, hope you have a good laff - for those of you who aint a Saffer... here's hoping you understand us a bit more :)

You know you are proudly South African when....

* you call a bathing suit a "cozzie"

* you call a traffic light a "robot"

* you call a round-a-bout a "circle"

* you call an elevator a "lift"

* you call a hood a "bonnet"

* you call a trunk a "boot"

* you call a glove compartment a "cubby hole"

* you call a pick up a "bakkie"

* you dont Barbeque you "Braai"

* you live in a "flat" not an apartment.

* you know what Rooibos Tea is and all the relevant nutritional values there of - even if you cant stand to drink the stuff yourself.

* you know what Biltong and Droe-Wors is - but you learn to call it Jerky and Dried Sausage anyway :)

* you can sing your national anthem in many different languages - even if you only understand it in 2 of them.

* you know the rules to rugby better than any referee.

* "just now" does not mean right at this minute - it means any time from "now now" till next month.

* you never eat sausage - you only eat wors.

* you don't play football you play "soccer"

* you never get an ouchie - you only ever get "EINA's"

* "howzit" is not just used in cricket.

* you will never see people later - you will alway "check" 'em later

* it's not a felt-tip pen its a "koki"

* you dont wear trainers you wear "takkies"

* your food is never rotten it's "vrot"

* you never gossip about anyone - you only "skinner"

* you dont eat crisps you eat "chips"

* and finally - if you're talking about "slap chips" - you're either talking about rugby ;) or eathing french fries.

You know what - until you've actually lived outside of South Africa, and had conversations with other nationalities, you dont realise how many of the above words have become part of your every day language and people just dont have a clue what you're talking about... :)Us Saffer's - we just dont speak da English... :)

Anyways till next time - I'll check you just now :)


  1. the English should - as lots are used there

  2. woohoo I have a reader I haven't paid to read my blog :) thanks for popping in.. :)
    Didn't realise some of those were used in England... must be the amount of saffers that have infiltrated into London... :)

  3. South Africa - sigh I think my soul's yearning a visit !!!

  4. Hey Cuz, I knew what some of them meant so does that make me an honorary saffer!!!


  5. CCS - of course you're an honarary Saffer - any one who dunks rusks like you do is a Saffer at heart... :)

    OP... WOW didn't realise you were a Saffer??? ;)